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Indigo Tribe Academy is an educational, community-centered online platform that helps people with holistic growth and development by combining a blend of modern and ancient approaches to yoga, movement, breathwork, meditation and nutrition.

We Believe That:

  • Real growth is initiated from within
  • Everyone is capable of growing and evolving
  • Everyone deserves to have a life of purpose
  • Everyone has the right to discover their innate gifts and create a life of meaning through them.

We create our reality whether we are conscious of it or not. Our courses are designed to bring awareness into this process so that you can bring intent and purpose to the life that you create for yourself and others.

Our Focus:

We focus on promoting holistic growth and development in key areas of human life. Our courses and programs specifically target these aspects of your being:

  • Physical - evelop a strong and functional physique for a youthful and energetic body
  • Emotional - learn to recognize and process your emotions
  • Mental - sharpen your "mental" saw so that you can solve everyday problems
  • Spiritual - expand your horizons to find purpose and fulfilment in life 

Hi! We are Kirill and Genya and we founded Indigo Tribe Academy with the goal of igniting a spark of self-actualization in those around us.

Kirill Berlin

Kirill Berlin

Kirill is a yoga educator who believes in the transformative power of yoga. He studied with Axel Molema, one of the pioneers of the yoga movement in Ontario, and is deeply steeped in the Sivananda yoga tradition. He draws his daily inspiration from the works and lives of such noble masters as Swami Sivananda, Thich Nhat Hanh, Dalai Lama, and Paramhansa Yogananda.


Genya Klaiman

Genya Klaiman

As a Yoga teacher and therapist, Genya has assisted in improving the lives of numerous individuals who have reached out to him with a variety of health conditions and life challenges. In addition, he is certified in several trainings including Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Thai Massage.

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